Pole Fitness Studio Recital 2014

One of the perks of living in Las Vegas is that when you get a new camera there are lots of places to go test it out.
The main feature of this one is that it has amazing low light capabilities so when Fawnia Dietrich of Pole Fitness Studio
asked me to film their recital I figured that would be a great place to test it. I did this whole set without flash at an astonishing 12,800 to 25,600 ISO!
It’s not something I would do often on purpose but as a test of how far you can push your photography it was great.
It does give some odd color casts when red light is used which we photographers HATE! Therefore it is rarely used in concerts and such
in favor of blue’s and purples that give much better pictures. Nonetheless they came out much better then I could ever do on my old 5D that sadly got sunburned on our trip to Hawaii 😛

The people at Fawnia’s studio are amazing, these are mostly the instructors showing what they can do, but the students are nothing to sneeze at. And for those who think only women do this sport you really should check out some of the guys like Jason because frankly they are awesome! Not to mention there is more to learn than just pole fitness as Amanda’s amazing belly dance tutorial showed.
So go and check out the studio if you are in town and enjoy the pictures of Fawnia, Jason, Jamilla, Kerri ,Nikki, Jill and Amanda among others…
For video’s of the performance just visit my youtube page.

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