Pole Expo Competition And Showcase 2013

There is off course no better place to hold the pole expo than Las Vegas.
Created by the very talented Fawnia Dietrich who runs Pole Fitness Studio here in Las Vegas the 4 day event ends with this competition and showcase.
If you thought pole dancing was just for strippers you really should go see it.
The skill and grace of the performers is really something to see as it combines dancing and acrobatics into something amazing.
You won’t see many places where one of the male competitors jumps between two poles 10 feet apart. No wonder it is being considered for the Olympics.
As I was just a spectator my shots are from the audience so they are not the best; due to not being able to use a flash or move around freely.
Then again I was also not hit in the face by a shoe from one of the performers like Chris Donald was, so sometimes being far away is not a bad thing.
Please enjoy these pictures and be sure to go see it yourself next year!