Lyrid Meteor Shower 2013

Not all the lights and fun things to do in Vegas are best done FROM Vegas. Sometimes you have to travel a little bit out of town, which is what we did monday morning early.
My lovely wife was so kind to stay up way way way past her bedtime to go watch one of the wonders of the universe.
The Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks this month and monday morning the 22nd very early (between 3am and 6am) was the best time to view it.
This was due to the moon being the least full and the shower’s intensity to peak so that between the moon going down and the sun coming up there could be up to 100 meteors visible per hour. I figured out a spot not too far from Las Vegas so we didn’t have to drive for hours but where it would still be dark enough to see the skies.
Frankly it was amazing, I had never seen an actual meteor fall but that night we easily saw 30ish with our own eyes and I was even able to catch 10 or so on camera.
This was my first serious try at night sky photography so not my best work but I am very happy with some of the shots I got of the milky way.
The lights you see at the horizon in some of the pictures are Indian Springs on the left and the bigger patch is Las Vegas itself.
These are just the ones I thought were best, if you want to see some of the pictures I got off the meteors falling go to my facebook page, I didn’t bother editing those and just put a very clear circle around the meteors:
461398_4724410747517_487371224_o 478662_4724410667515_410651269_o

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