Behind The Scenes of Afrojack’s “The Spark” music video and cover shoot.

It’s been a while but now that the video’s been out there and I finally cleaned the cobwebs off my editing rig here are the shots from the filming of Afrojack’s “The Spark” music video.
It was filmed in Las Vegas over a few days in September of 2013. First we did some shots of Nick driving around the Vegas strip and ended up filming a lot of it in Nico Santucci’s Parisian Palace.
During this Afrojack also did a photo shoot for his CD Cover with legendary photographer Rankin.
That off course was a treat for me to see a truly great photographer work.
Take a look at the result of the video here: The Spark
Please check out Spree Wilson’s work to, he is the vocalist in this and was not only an amazing singer but an incredibly nice and fun guy.