Afrojack Omnia Nightclub March 21st

Had a fun night out this Saturday at the new Omnia night club at Caesers Palace where my cousin Hugo’s biggest DJ, Afrojack, was performing.
He was nice enough to get us in with his VIP’s to party the night away.
I should also thank Thomas who always makes sure we are where we are supposed to be at the right time, awesome guy.
My parents were visiting from Europe and believe it or not the 5th picture is them having a blast.
I will be nice and not say their age but they are def the oldest people there and stayed till after 4am!
Lastly I want to put a shout out to the staff there who is amazing. We almost got lost since our group of 15+ people was hard to follow in a full club,
but the staff rounded us up and we even had a personal escort for the 5 straglers that made sure we got to our booth.
I have nothing but good words for the security and wait staff at all of Hakkasan’s properties as they always make sure
I get great pictures and fill drinks without me having to ask sometimes!
Go visit this place, it is insane!

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